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Flat Out – The Best Choice

Celadon now offers flatbed service to meet the unique needs of customers transporting special equipment or materials.  We specialize in loads that are wide, over-sized, overweight, or any combination thereof, but can still legally move on the road.  Our service is ideal for construction sites or shipping points that have no available dock or require quick loading and unloading for projects on the move with time-sensitive schedules.

We offer a variety of trailer types that are designed for the different materials that you ship.  When moving your freight, we make sure that your shipment has the proper tarps and the correct tie downs for the job so that it will be protected and ready for use once it arrive at its destination.

Our trailers feature both steel and aluminum decks and we offer 48’, 53’ and a 90” expandable.  These trailers have a capacity of up to 52,000 lbs.  (The limit on expandable trailers is 44,000 lbs.)

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