Coast to Coast, Border to Border

Celadon was founded in 1985 and has become one of North America’s premier transportation companies.

Founder Stephen Russell had neither employees nor equipment when he started the company, but he did have one major dedicated contract: the transportation of automotive parts to a new Chrysler plant in Mexico.

Russell named the company Celadon after reading about celadon pottery, a green-glazed style of stoneware dating back to the Koryo dynasty in China. He hoped that the company would be as unique and beautiful as the pottery.

Located in Indianapolis, Celadon provides dedicated, expedited, long-haul, regional, local, and refrigerated transportation service across the USMCA region.


Enjoy online monitoring and management of shipments via exchange of shipping notices/load tenders, PODs, and invoices. Ask about our supported EDI documents!


The latest generation of our online tracking tool, CelaTRAC, is more powerful than ever before. Customers benefit from online load tracking, service reporting and POD retrieval.


Satellite technology manages all dimensions of fuel efficiency in real time. This includes excess idle time, out-of-route miles, and other factors affecting miles per gallon.


Celadon has led the pack in the complete adoption of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). If you dread the learning curve of using ELDs, give us a call.


We were the first carrier to be C-TPAT and ACE certified. Celadon also offers MAGTEC™ anti-theft cargo tracking for high-risk shipments.


We use the latest technology to plan the best suited driver and route to benefit both Celadon and its customers.

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We Start Our Journey

May 4, 1986

Founded by Steve Russell and Leonard Bennett, Celadon started its operations with just 50 tractors and 100 trailers – all leased.

Celadon Goes Public

January 21, 1994

Celadon Group puts up approximately 1/3 of the company in its Initial Public Offering to help fund its rapidly expanding operations.

The Move to Indy HQ

April 3, 1996

Celadon moves its operations from New York to Indianapolis and starts construction on its current headquarters campus.

CGI Gets Listed on the NYSE

November 10, 2009

Celadon fulfills requirements to become listed on the New York Stock Exchange under stock symbol CGI.

Celebrating 3 Decades

May 4, 2015

After being named Innovator of the Year by the Commercial Carrier Journal just a few months earlier, Celadon marks its 30th anniversary with a week-long celebration.

New Leaders, New Direction

July 24, 2017

Paul Svindland is appointed CEO of Celadon Group just 3 months after Jon Russell becomes President/COO.