6 Advantages of Using a Dedicated Fleet

When you work with Celadon to handle your dedicated fleet, you receive quality equipment and personnel to handle all of your logistics needs. Celadon offers truckload services and labor capability for loading and/or unloading, almost like having your own transportation team! We offer our customers various options of transit, so whether you require a single driver or a team fleet, we can help.

Here are six other advantages you’ll experience when using a dedicated carrier like Celadon for your transportation needs:

1. Cost

Owning, operating, maintaining and insuring your own fleet can be costly and quite frequently is accompanied by excessive deductibles. You not only pay to own and maintain the equipment, you also pay personnel to drive and perform required maintenance. With a Celadon dedicated fleet, your expenses are kept to a minimum, your costs are predictable and you are sheltered from the inherent risks of insurance.

2. Variety

If you have specific needs or require specialized transportation, a dedicated fleet is a great solution. Multiple deliveries per day or week, consistent drivers and other requirements often go unmet when utilizing a 3PL provider. Your Celadon dedicated fleet is adaptable and capable of handling all your customer obligations.

3. Flexibility

Our dedicated fleet helps eliminate load size constraints you may experience today. Whatever shipment size – truckload, partial truckload or other requirements – Celadon’s dedicated fleets can satisfy those needs quickly while maintaining no interruption to service. This ensures your transportation and deliveries are made on time.

4. Simplicity

Your projects can become complicated and expensive to manage when working with multiple providers to achieve your goals. Celadon can complement your private fleet with additional services to help optimize your transportation and logistics operations.

5. Seasonality

As freight needs fluctuate, you potentially risk under-utilizing your private fleet assets during slow periods. Additionally, when working with multiple transportation providers, freight coverage during your volume peaks can be a challenge. By awarding Celadon your dedicated business, this issue and risk is no longer a factor.

6. Equipment

With a dedicated platform, Celadon can help reduce your equipment needs. We can assist in divesting your assets. As previously outlined, the insurance, maintenance, procurement and disposal costs associated with your fleet are eliminated. Moreover, using a dedicated fleet can make it easier to acquire specialized capacity such as flatbed or refrigerated trailers.

With all of these advantages, we hope that you find Celadon can add value and cost-efficient solutions as your company’s dedicated carrier. Contact us today and we’ll figure out where we fit into your equation.

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