Workin' On Some 'Night Moves' with MacAllister Machinery

A Dedicated Partner for MacAllister Machinery


MacAllister Machinery is one of Indiana and Michigan’s leading heavy equipment suppliers. They offer high-quality equipment from Caterpillar and more than 50 other manufacturers. For more than 70 years, MacAllister Machinery has been helping businesses with direct access to a complete line of new equipment for construction, agriculture, transportation, and more.


MacAllister operates overnight deliveries to their stores as well as their “drop boxes” on customers’ construction sites. Many times, these deliveries require they take place overnight. This is especially true in situations where a piece of construction equipment had broken down and dollars lost on the job if the equipment is not replaced.

Drivers must run routes from the MacAllister distribution centers to job sites and back each night. During these routes, drivers are required to make multiple stops, where they may be asked to assist with the unloading of the equipment.

Given their growth over the past several years, MacAllister was looking for a transportation partner who could provide additional support and resources beyond what they were currently receiving.


Celadon determined the best course of action would be to provide an operations manager fully dedicated to the MacAllister business. This ops manager would coordinate this account during the overnight hours. Also, to minimize possible service disappointments related to equipment failure, Celadon committed new tractors and trailers to the MacAllister routes.


In addition to servicing the account, the Celadon operations manager has been working with MacAllister in charting the necessary routing and other logistical details. This allows Celadon to effectively handle the expansion of the MacAllister growing footprint into new geographical markets.

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