Celadon Receives 2017 Fleet Safety Award

Posted by Chris Lanciotti

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Celadon Trucking is proud to announce it has recently received the 2017 Fleet Safety Award from the Indiana Motor Truck Association!

About the Fleet Safety Award

Entrants for the Fleet Safety Awards are judged on the fleet’s overall accident frequency within Indiana. Celadon won the top designation in the over the road division for the 20-25 million mile category.

Due large in part to recently overhauled Safety Incentive Program, Celadon has recently seen a matured and reinforced safety-focused mindset. The award “validates the efforts of our Safety Department,” said Tom Burck, Celadon’s V.P. of Safety.

Revamped in June of 2017 to encourage fleet-wide safe driving, Celadon drivers earn points each quarter based on their safety record and can then redeem those points for tangible rewards such as vacations, electronics, and household appliances.

The efforts of both Celadon drivers and Safety department employees have shown since the implementation of the new program. In the last six months, Celadon has seen backing accident frequency decrease by 33%, close quarter maneuvering/turning accident frequency decrease by 31%, and moving violation frequency has decreased by 36%!

Looking Ahead to 2018

There’s more in store at Celadon to continue to push fleet safety as a top priority in 2018. Part of the plan is to include employing full-time safety staff at outside terminals and reinstating monetary rewards for drivers who have clean roadside inspections.

It also includes installing collision mitigation technology in trucks, which is an initiative the safety team has been settings its sights on for a while.

Additionally, Celadon will continue its approach to safety through driver training and communication. The safety and training departments frequently communicate with the active fleet via email, in-cab messages, and blog entries to reinforce their message.

Questions About Celadon?

You can contact us here or give us a call at 1-800-CELADON!

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